“Where are your ears? Where are your ears? Are you ready to listen, listen, listen?”

Welcome to Early Years Music Groups

I’m Wendy Prevezer, founder and facilitator of the Beeston-based groups that promote early social and communication skills, and a special bonding experience for you and your child.

There are many activities available in Nottingham and Derby for babies and toddlers. In fact, there’s so much choice it can feel a little overwhelming!

You are looking for something fun, interactive and flexible to benefit your child and leave you both feeling good. Perhaps you’ve already tried some groups; maybe you are after something fresh and original…which might just be my cue.

I was inspired to start Early Years Music Group back in 1996 when I realised there was nothing of its kind for babies or toddlers in the area. I had so many songs and resources from my work with children who had additional needs, and were at the early stages of learning to interact and develop speech. I wanted to benefit my local community by sharing these activities with children both with and without additional needs. It began as an idea I knew I could do, quickly becoming something I wanted to do, and then something I simply had to do.

I have kept a focus on babies and toddlers all these years because it’s a wonderfully fun age group to work with: I love the pure innocence, enthusiasm and lack of self-consciousness of very young children. This year, in 2022, we are celebrating the 26th anniversary of eymg!

I play all my own instruments in the group, ranging from Autoharp and Ukulele which feature weekly, the African Djembe drum and other percussion, to the occasional clarinet spot. In each session, babies and toddlers enjoy experimenting with instruments, controlling elements of the group – ‘Ruby’s wobbling! Let’s all wobble!’ – and playing an integral part in both regular and changeable elements such as spinning, dancing, playing with puppets and our seasonal themed props.

“We can do anything, we can do anything, we can do anything we want to…”

I love sharing the joy of music, and the happy, smiley faces I see reflected back at me each session. But the best part of what I do is facilitating interaction and special moments between a little one and their parent or carer.

eymg brings out the best part of me, and for those 45 minutes each week away from work and to-do lists and tiredness and all of the worries that come with parenthood, I think it brings the best out in each family too.

“eymg is hands-down the best group I have attended with my children. Wendy has a unique talent for enthralling babies and toddlers, and leaving everyone happy and relaxed at the end of each session. She even carves out time especially for cuddles! The group has helped my children with confidence, turn-taking, listening and speaking – and has been the soundtrack to my early years of motherhood. I’m so grateful for the many precious memories and good times, and honestly can’t recommend it enough.”

eymg parent